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Buy a New House or Old One

December 16, 2014 - Updated: December 16, 2014

Mostly whenever you want to buy a house your priorities are the price and location, the condition of the house is ignored the condition of the house which should be important as well. A lot of people keep the age of the house in the least priority but according to the experts of real estate it should be of higher.

Another question that arises is; would it be better to buy a new home or an old one? Both of them have their advantages, but basically it depends upon the budget and suitable circumstances. Following are the advantages for both:

Advantages of Old House:


1.      Old world construction:

Old homes are known to have better construction; they have been standing on their place for years and faced many storms, and are example of strong structure.


2.     Larger yard:

In olden days the lands were cheap so people used to get bigger land and bigger yards.


3.     More character:

As the land and construction was not that expensive in those days that’s why the construction styles were quite unique and classic.


4.     Longer-term neighbors:

Mostly these houses are inherited and go on generation to generation so a lot of neighbors know each other very well.


5.     Mature trees and vegetation:

Old houses have old trees that are ready to give fruit. As we know trees take a few years before it is mature and start giving fruit.


6.     Closer to downtown entertainment and restaurants:

These houses are close to downtown and restaurants; often they are at walking distance to the major markets.
















Advantages of New House:


1.      Little maintenance:

New constructions last a few years at least, which means no maintenance for few years.


2.     Modern conveniences:

New houses are designed according to modern requirement like pre installed dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines etc.


3.     Builder's warranty:

A house builds by a reputed builder comes with a warranty of at least 5 years. This provides more confidence and security.


4.     Energy efficient:

A lot of houses that are being constructed now days have solar panels on the roof tops helping in cutting down the energy bills.


5.     Less expensive:

The house which does not have any customization done tends to be cheaper than an old house in the city.


6.     Greater square footage, on average:

As the prices are higher in the city so the price of a house of 2 bedrooms that is about 1000 sq feet in city is same as a double story house of 2500 sq feet in suburbs.




















These are a few advantages of both; the disadvantages are not discussed because the advantages of one are disadvantages of the other. Now it totally depends up on a person what kind of house he/she wants.


To get the right kind of house for yourself you need a realtor to help with it. As there is a lot of complex paper work and time required which is not an easy task for a person alone. A good and reliable realtor will be of great help.


When it comes to buy a house in Brampton you should go for the Remax real estate centre. The company has been serving all over Canada and USA for 25 years. They have earned a great reputation in market and are known to be the best in the real estate market.

They understand the value of your time and money that’s why they believe in customer satisfaction more than profits. 


Summary: If you want to buy a house in Brampton come to Remax, the most reliable and best real estate in Canada and USA. The company deals in buying and selling of all kinds of property, providing 100% customer satisfaction.

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