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Easy Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

December 22, 2015

Homes that have a great curb appeal fetch exceptionally good prices when they go on the market. Curb appeal is not just about replacing vinyl siding on your home, but beautifying your entire property. So what projects can you undertake to make your home stand out in Brampton?

Start With the Driveway

Any real estate agent knows that a home with an edged driveway looks beautiful and elegant. Materials such as bricks, pavers and stone are perfect for this job. You could also bring your old asphalt blocks to life with a little colour. You can keep the edging level with the driveway or raise it to keep your lawn safe.

While you’re still focusing on the driveway, go ahead and add some lights. Lights that lead your guests to the entry door after dusk not only keep them safe but also make the home more inviting and friendly. These lights coupled with proper landscaping can give the home a near perfect curb appeal. Solar lights are usually ideal for this project.

Invest in Nature

A home with a garden that is well maintained will always be appealing. Start with planting flowers along the sidewalk then go ahead and invest in a front garden. You can even plant some of them inside flower boxes if you do not have enough room for a garden.

Change Your Garage Door

Your home’s garage door is one of the first things people can see from a distance. Unfortunately, many people only go with what is functional. Installing a new garage door with a commanding presence is what your home needs to look beautiful. Look for an engaging design or one with vibrant colours. Alternatively, you could get one that matches your window treatments. Remember, getting such a door also helps you save energy while making your home safer.

Upgrade Basic Hardware

There are numerous items at home that many people tend to overlook. Things such as broken locks and rusty light fixtures make your home look old. In real estate, selling such a home is quite hard. Luckily, you can transform it into a masterpiece by upgrading the small things that are out of place or look old. Get new locks, new lighting fixtures, and a decorative house number. A new modern mailbox can also be handy when it comes to improving curb appeal.

Bringing your old home back to life is not hard and expensive as many people imagine. By embracing these basic ideas, you will be able to boost its curb appeal and thus make it possible to get a good offer should you choose to sell your home in Brampton.

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