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How to Boost Your Brampton Home’s Value

February 11, 2016

You’ve done all the research, and you know that there are many ways to boost your home’s resale value. You’ve looked at curb appeal and you’ve made a list of all those pesky items that you should fix to charm prospective buyers. But let’s face it – you’re a little tired of spending yet more money on a place that you are leaving.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are some tips to boost your home’s value and appeal without spending any money. All you need is a little bit of sweat and a critical eye.  

Make Room

Prospective buyers are visiting to get to know your home, not you. Part of the process of buying a home is imagining yourself in that home. Remember when you first saw your place? You probably took some time to dream about how it would feel to live in that space.

To help prospective buyers have the same experience, clear away the clutter. Remove excessive personal items. Take down the majority of the fridge magnets, the decorative figurines, the yearly school photos. Leave only a few items that really fit the décor. 


Clean absolutely everything. You don’t know where prospective buyers will want to look, and besides, a clean house always looks far newer. Scrub the walls, make sure the ceilings are free of dust, polish the windows on both sides. 


Before prospective home buyers visit, think about the smell of your house. Febreeze is too impersonal, incense is usually a little too strong and evocative of a yoga studio, but what about some candles or aromatherapy oils?

Candles and Oils

A good scented candle that burns in the bathroom or living room can make all the difference in the atmosphere of the place. Try different scented oils for additional effect.

Light Incense

If you choose a light smelling incense (I personally enjoy honeysuckle) you can burn it briefly in near the front door just before your guests arrive. This will ensure that the air has a hint of intrigue without the cloying heaviness of excessive incense smoke.

If you follow these 3 tips, you’d be surprised at how good your home will look! And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing it came at the cost of some candles, elbow grease, and a critical eye.  

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