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Selling Your House

November 25, 2014 - Updated: December 9, 2014

Whether someone is selling the house for the first time or has already done it before, it not at all easy. It requires a lot of paper work and there are a lot of complications involved in it. Also a new research is required to set the price, as the prices of real estate have fallen about 26% after 2006.


The first two major things to do before selling your house are:


  1. Appraisal
  2. Inspection


1.    Appraisal:

The appraisal of a home is done to get the estimated price of the house it costs around $250-$500. The appraisal consists of following aspects:


  • First of all the house is compared to the other houses of same size and same location which were sold recently.
  • Then they observe the condition of the exterior and interior of the house
  • Then appraisal team see how old the house is
  • Then the location of the house is considered, how close is it to the basic necessities like school, grocery store and work
  • Then comes the features and structure of the house
  • Then the team sees if there is any remodeling done


2. Inspection:

In home inspection the issues of the house are revealed. It is highly recommended to get the house inspected before putting it to market, so if there is any issue one can handle it. Because the buyer brings a house inspector when he/she comes to buy the house. Getting a pre sale inspection will save you from any embarrassment. The inspection includes following things:


  • Condition of house’s heating system
  • The central air conditioning of the house
  • The plumbing of the house
  • The electricity of the house
  • The condition of roof and attic
  • Then the condition of walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, basement, foundation and visible structure of the house is checked.


These were first two major steps there is a lot of complex paper work involved, which can make a lot of confusion. All the paper work needs to be done properly otherwise it causes a lot of trouble. The paper work has become a lot complicated in last few years. In short selling the house has become a lot of hassle and a lot time consuming. That’s why it is preferred to hire a real estate agent who is skilled and able to deal with all the complications involved in the process of selling the house.


A question comes into mind of a person “Which real estate should I contact to sell my house in Brampton?” Remax has been serving the people of Canada for about 40 years now. The Remax has well experienced agents, who are always up dated with real estate market. They have good network connection are familiar with all the areas of Brampton.


The company takes care of all the steps involved in selling the house from appraisal to all the paper work and make sure nothing goes wrong. The company believes in 100% customer satisfaction and guarantees that nothing will go wrong.


The Remax is the best option for selling and buying of any kind of property.



When he question arises that “how to sell my house in Brampton?” the remax is the answer to the question. The remax takes care of all the complications and all the processes from appraisal to the paper work. The best real estate agency in Canada.

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