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Townhomes-Best Option in Reasonable Price

November 20, 2014 - Updated: December 9, 2014

A townhome are individual houses built side by side, the walls of the houses are shared with the neighboring house. The HOA fee in townhome is low. The recreational activity areas are communal among the owners. When one buys a townhome he becomes the owner of the home and the piece of land it built on. There are a lot of advantages of having townhomes:


1.       Cost

2.      Maintenance

3.      Common Areas

4.      Ownership

5.      Privacy & Security


1.      Cost:

The maintaining of the townhome is almost like regular detached homes, for painting and any kind of repairs the owner is responsible. Also the owner has to pay taxes and HOA fee. But these homes are less expensive than regular single homes and also the maintenance and the fee are much less than single homes as well.


2.     Maintenance:

The maintenance although is the responsibility of the owner but due to the design the maintenance cost of the homes is decreased often the HOA is responsible for the exterior of the house leaving the owner with just the interior to take care of, as the walls are joined together on sides they don’t have any exterior to take care of.


3.     Common Areas:

There are recreational activity centre, pool and gym for the owners of the community. The owners also receive the ownership interest of the common areas.


4.     Ownership:

The person who buys a townhouse becomes the owner of the house and the land it sits on. While in case of condos and apartments the owner does not get any share of the land. Also this reduces the restrictions that owners of a condos or apartment are having like grilling outside.


5.     Privacy & Security:

Most of the townhome are gated with restricted entrance system; they also have security guards to guard the place. Also the element of privacy is higher in townhomes as compared to the apartment and condos. In town house you has neighbors only on the sides and in the common areas. But in condos and apartments you have neighbors up, down and across.


It is an ideal home for a family, less cost and maintenance and issue of security. But there are a lot of townhomes in Canada, and all are in different locations having different kinds of community. To find the suitable community and good location one need to hire the services of a realtor.


The realtor should be aware of all the communities and the neighborhoods. A good agent knows his client and is able to find just the perfect place for the client. For about 40 years Remax has been providing outstanding services to their clients. They have well trained and skilled staff that is always up to date with the market.


When we talk about the sale and purchase of the property in Brampton, Remax is the top real estate there. The company has a list of all the townhomes for sale in Brampton, they have the maps on their website and all the available townhouses are marked on it which makes it easy for the client to select the location.


Also the remax helps the customer to get the place without any hassle and any stress, they find the perfect location for the client and their family.



Come to Remax for the details of townhomes for sale in Brampton, the company deals in sale and purchase of all kind of properties, they are the best real estate centre in Canada.

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